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We just love it!

Naples is the hometown of this style of pizza! It was in this city in southern Italy that the original recipe for neapolitan pizza appeared in 1700, a light and balanced recipie that, in our (not that unpartial) opinion, is the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD!


Neapolitan pizza is so rich in culture that it has been declared a cultural heritage site by Unesco. In the napoletano style, you will find an incredibly light, elastic, aerated dough with a fragrant aroma of bread. Producing real napoletana pizza is no joke! The matter is so serious that there is an association in Naples, called AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) to regulate and certify the pizzerias that really follow and maintain the tradition and processes that guarantee a truly Italian result.

To produce a neapolitan pizza, it is necessary to follow a series of rules and processes. The most rigorous being in regards to the recipe and fermentation of the dough. It can only be made of Italian 00 flour, water and fresh biological yeast, and must ferment for at least 24 hours, thus guaranteeing a lighter dough that facilitates digestion.

Aerated and crunchy edge
Italian Tomato Sauce
Baked at
480 °C
24H fermentation
Italian 00 flour
Dough opened by hand

The dough opening is done exclusively by hand, in this way all the air is pushed from the inside out, ensuring a big and aerated edge. The tomatoes used to make the sauce must be of controlled origin, preferably from the San Marzano variety. The pizza can be baked in a wooden, gas, or electric oven, as long as the temperature reaches 480°C (896°F).

Did it give you an idea of the rigor and attention put into this whole processe?! The world of pizza making is fantastic, and we love to be always studying and improving our knowledge in the field. That's why our pizzaiolo took an intensive course with the master of the neapolitan pizza, Luca Pezzetta! An intense training to be able to give you the best and most authentic nepolitan experience.

Luigia's proposal is to provide you, our customers and friends, with a true Neapolitan experience, the way we love it: with a chill atmosphere, good music, inspiring recipes and lots of love in every detail!



Do you know what it is?

Panuozzo [pãnüzo] is a traditional italian sandwich made with bread baked in the oven at 480º,

but prepared with the same dough used for neapolitan pizza. Its interior is filled with

whatever you'd like.

The difference between this and our pizza is that in addition to being sandwich-shaped, it needs to be baked two times, before being stuffed to bake the dough and immediately before consumption, to heat the ingredients!

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